Training is available on a one-to-one or school specific basis.

Introduction to FMS6 (Schools Financial package) aimed at new Finance staff

This training is delivered on a one-to-one basis in the school allowing live data to be used. It is tailored to suit the needs of the individual and is designed to support professional development during the first months of appointment to a finance/admin post. The introduction to FMS6 is a 3 hour training session, designed to give the trainee all the skills he/she will need to process orders/invoicing and to produce cheque runs.   A training booklet with comprehensive notes will be left on site and a follow up visit will take place to ensure confidence.

Advanced procedures in FMS6 - Finance staff who wish to progress their knowledge

The training will be delivered on a one-to one basis in the school, allowing live data to be used.   This training will develop the skills of the finance/admin officer to be able to process all the monthly procedures.  In order to advise the headteachers and budget holders with accurate information.  A training booklet will be left on site and a follow up visit will take place to ensure confidence.

  • Allocating the Budget
  • Investigations
  • Manual Journals
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Month End procedures
  • Non invoiced income

Equipment Register Module

The Equipment Register module can produce very detailed and useful reports both for the School and Auditors, based upon different criteria.  In many cases the user is able to determine the format in which the information is presented.  These reports can be either printed or exported into other software applications.  This module is found within FMS6.  A training booklet will be left on site.

Accounts Receivable - Invoicing income

The Accounts receivable Module within FMS6 allows you to raise invoices for services supplied by you i.e. Lettings, Fees.  Receipts and Credit notes may be issued and the relevant documents matched.  The module allows you to record refunds, bad debts written off and receipts recorded in error against one debtor may be transferred to the correct debtor.

You are able to produce statements as well as an aged debtor report which allows you to track any debtors who have exceeded their credit terms.

HCSS Budgeting Software tool

FPS.Net is a budgeting tool to allow schools to plan their budgets as well as to create different “What if” scenarios for future planning.

One to one training in school on either the web or disc version.

Conference Presentations

Academy Day - 21st June 2016

Maximising Your Income Conference 2017  - 21st June 2017

JCA Training Programme Schools 2018-19

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